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Spreading Roots

Less than a year ago as one member of the Picsul Design team, I moved from the DC area to Ft Lauderdale, Florida and now I find myself in Atlanta Georgia. I didn't specifically plan to do such long distance moves but sometimes life has other plans and we roll with the punches. This being the case, our Picsul Designers have gained inspiration from multiple cities and areas and have and continue to cater to clients regardless of their location. We are flexible! With Designers in multiple locations, we cover many areas like Northern Va, North Carolina, Florida and anywhere in between. As soon as we entered Atlanta I fell in love with it. It has an aesthetically pleasing balance of old and new. It is as if with every breath you take your body is filled with art, design, and the history of the city. Everywhere you look you can tell that a lot of thought went into the planning of how things look and where they are placed. Picsul is excited to be able to join this beautiful city and place some roots! 

Welcome to Atlanta!


~Picsul K

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