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Curtain Up!

This past weekend’s adventure? Cirque Du Soleil Amaluna. We know what you’e thinking, “how is this related to Graphic Design?” Well, there is always something that we can take from different situations to better ourselves no matter how small the thought. First off, It was truly an amazing experience and we suggest that everyone try to go out and see one of these performances in person one day. As a designer we are always looking at how things come together and the big picture. We can't help it, it’s just what we do. It's deeply rooted into our being and makes us produce captivating work. Cirque Du Soleil is an extremely creative and captivating experience. From looking around Amaluna, we noticed a few things in particular. Sit back while we set the stage. Whooosh. 

It was a little chilly that night as we approached the venue but of course, cirque had that taken care of. As we walked into the tent there were heaters at the entrance that kept the area at a nice temperature for guests. We were helped to our seats by section leaders and ushers. After finally seated and waiting for opening curtain there were a few characters walking around entertaining the crowd with a type of pre-show. The excitement of the awaiting performance felt to last for ages. As for the show itself, everything was exceptional as you realize everyone is in costume from the lead acrobats, to the minute characters, to the stagehands. Stagehands don't merely wear typical black outfits so that you won't pay attention to them but the show actually makes them into characters proving that a good shows thinks of every tiny little detail. It all works together in the overall production... annnnnd scene. 

Told you we’d get to it. Details and continuity are the two aspects that we can take from this experience. Everything should work together. That’s how we need to view design, as a show you are putting on for not only our client but for the specified audience. We sometimes think that "it's a small thing don't bother with it," but the truth is that every tiny detail counts in order to bring a vision to life. When all the small parts combine together to create a system of effective working parts it's just like a well oiled machine. It will work for the client and it works for the audience. We need to exercise our skills in terms of being attentive when it comes to this detail. Think of a design as being a math problem. Yea we know, EWW. But really, 1 without 2 can't equal 3. Design with all aspects of the equation in mind and we are left with not only beautiful projects but also projects that work well. 

This is what Cirque Du Soleil passed on to us beyond the amazing show of course. Keep the details in mind and follow through to captivate and impress your audience with beautiful works of art. Don't just take our word for it, be sure to check out a show and take in the inspiration for yourselves.

Get Inspired ;)


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